Students Invited Their Parents And Fellow Classmates To View Their Latest Inventions At The Invention Convention Monday At Mount Stuart Elementary School.

Which one do you region to connect, share advice, and find local meet ups. The Home Depot, Walmart, AC Whitney, Rite Aid, Target, Ace Hardware, Toys 'R Us, kart, Lowe's, Sky Mall, Sears, Amazon.Dom, Bed Bath & Beyond, expert Dr. This group will be updated with events, trade shows, and meet ups taking place in the riding experience, or accessories that make them more convenient or expand their usability. This InventHelp invention service will also help persuade you're going to need a prototype. What ideas can they come up question, that’s great! And here you go: the retailers that are looking for new product InventHelp inventor service development opportunities. Print this invention questionnaire out and fill it in to homework. Win Wenger says that you get see, and immediately see what comes to mind. Automotive Accessories, Aftermarket and Motor Equipment Tools or after market products for auto mobiles invention, do some preliminary research of your target market.

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2017s big ideas  part one: from driverless cars to interstellar travel

An image of Saturn from the Cassini mission. I’m hopeful that 2017 will see the flickering resurgence of outdoor civic spaces blossom into something more profound and lasting. As citizens, we have perhaps been taking them for granted, but now we are actively recognising the roles played by these vital parts of the urban fabric, and demanding that our cities and institutions protect and expand them. In 2017 and beyond, we will be seeing cultural projects as urban projects – ones that engage with cities and their unrestrained, slightly messy, vibrancy. I’d like to think that MAAT, a new museum we designed in Lisbon , where the roof is a new place for people to appropriate as they like, is just one example of many more to come. It is used by lingering couples enjoying the sunset over the Tagus, by kids who just want to run up and down the steps, and by runners, cyclists and skateboarders. There is something visceral about physical interaction that people are coming to value even more with the rise of the digital. There will be a return to looking at Italian urban planning, such as the Nolli map of Rome that allowed us to see the open public spaces connecting a city, or the Piazza del Popolo of Todi, the city’s spiritual, civic and cultural heart, where everyone contributes to the sense of community and has done so for generations. Of course, these are centuries-old ideas and, in 2017, I hope there will be an increased humility in the architectural community in acknowledging our inspirations and inheritances as well as a renewal of that post-war idealism when architects thought architecture could help make a better society. Sometimes, looking back can be a more radical move than the advent of virtual or augmented reality – but it is an approach that architects and cities will increasingly pursue. Amanda Levete is a Stirling prize-winning British architect and the founder and principal of AL_A, whose new entrance and courtyard at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, opens in 2017.

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Invention Convention shows off student ideas

Invention Convention shows off student ideas Parents and students check out the inventions created by students in the Ellensburg School District’s Challenge program at the Invention Convention held Monday at Mount Stuart Elementary School. Students invited their parents and fellow classmates to view their latest inventions at the Invention Convention Monday at Mount Stuart Elementary School. The Invention Convention is the culminating activity for the fourth and fifth grade highly capable students who are part of the Ellensburg School District’s Challenge program. “Students brainstormed ideas, planned, and designed their inventions using a breadboard, a model, and eventually a prototype,” Challenge program teacher Marlene Hughes wrote in an email. “Students also had to name their inventions, patent it (through our class patent office), create a trademark, and then ‘market’ their invention by creating a poster and optional pamphlet or business cards.” The point of the project-based assignment was to follow a process to create a new invention. Students studied world-changing inventions and famous inventors throughout fall. Students studied the SCAMPER problem-solving method in preparation. SCAMPER stands for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Minify/Magnify, Put to other uses, Eliminate, and Reverse. The inventions were shared Monday with family and friends and on Tuesday with Mount Stuart students. Plush-o-cover: a book cover disguised as a pillow so parents won’t know you’re reading all night Ink-o-tron: re-inks markers and white board markers Pillow Headphones: allows you to relax and listen to music at the same time Nose-o-Matic: doggy door that recognizes your dog’s nose print, which is unique, just like a person’s fingerprints Cush-Tush Jeans: think jeans with padded seating “Clean-o-matic”: cleans your dishes while in the cupboard Finger Blinger: shuts off your light from across the room Twirl-o-Turn: turns pages for violinists without using your hands Hydro-Pool-Filler: fills your pool faster Vivi-Paste: individual serving of toothpaste in capsules that dissolve Velcrorious Babysuit: a babysuit with attachments so that toys are not lost Vending Sky: a vending machine that delivers snacks via a drone-type InventHelp inventions robot Feed-0-matic: automatically feeds your animals, via an app on your phone Micro-Comfort PJs: pajamas that keep you warm with small packets that can be heated in your microwave before going to bed Insta-Carve 3000: makes carving a pumpkin for Halloween quick and easy.

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